How To Merge Facebook Pages Without Error Or Limit

Hello everyone, Today i want to share you, How To Merge Facebook Pages Without Error Or Limit. I hope, you will be benefit to shared this. If you have any question, please.., post a comment below the comment box.

Solution of Merge After Error 

Facebook officially introduce the request procedure for merging. By using this method you can merge pages after error or even if you are Facebook error by mistake but the make issue is this feature currently available is USA, CA and UK. So don't worry today i will explain you how to request Facebook to merge them.

Settings For Merging in Chrome

  • First of all Open Google Chrome and the download Hola Better Internet Extension.
  • After installing this extension small extension icon will appear.
  • Click on the Icon and select US or Canada to apply proxies.
  • After Selecting make sure its working or not.

Steps For Merging Pages

  • Now Log in into your Facebook Account
  • Change page Category & Address:
  • Category - Local Business/Bar & Address - Street 8 Brooklyn Street , New York New York 10001
  • Then to merge Facebook pages Click Here
  • If the form will appear then its fine other refresh that form again or otherwise change your country in Hola Extension.
  • Select Your Page in 1st Page option ( Page Which want to keep)
  • Tick the box and select 2nd Page which you want to merge.
  • Make Sure that you select same pages in accurate manner
  • Now Submit Your request.

After Submission wait for email request for your request which will take around 24-48 hours or upto 1 week. In case your request will be denied then again request Facebook in same.

Note:- Don't submit multiple Request to Facebook about merging same page until Facebook response back your first request otherwise it may leads your page deletion.
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