Top Websites for Earn(Make) Money by Uploading or Share Videos

The video websites are working on a simple revenue sharing method. They will provide you a place where you have to host your videos and thereby they will run advertisements. Now they will share the advertisement revenue with you (The video publisher). Some of them work on a PPV (Pay-Per-View) method. They will pay you according to the number of views that your video can get.

Making and Posting a video is a fun at the same time you have to be cautious. Don’t put anything illegal; follow all the rules and regulations of the particular websites. It will take time to get money, so be patient as well. The following 10 websites will help you to earn money for sure.


YouTube is the most popular video sharing website which is owned by Google. It is the most accessible of all video sharing sites. There are many categories available in YouTube.  You can upload in any category of your own interest. Since it is been a popular site, your videos can be seen worldwide on Facebook, blogs, etc. Make sure that you have an AdSense account to earn money from YouTube. AdSense is the only way to earn money with YouTube and it is the easiest way too. YouTube is the highest paying among all the video sharing websites.


Dailymotion is the second biggest video website after YouTube and it is much like YouTube. It has more than 130 million unique visitors per month. This site offers you 70% of the ad revenue from the videos which you uploaded. You can also earn more by sharing daily motion videos on your own blog or website and even more if the same video is shared on the third party website. It is very very worth, If you have already more number of visitors on your blog.  Daily motion pays per quarter basis and you can get your payment in your publisher account when you reach the minimum amount of $100. : has 20 million unique visitors for every month, and also it offers 50% of the ad revenue from the videos which you uploaded.  The payment basis will be per month via PayPal or check, for this you have to reach $25 by the end of the month. has 8th page rank and less than 5000 Alexa rank. So you can get a reasonable pay from this site. is mainly focused on men. This website allows you to share videos, pictures and flash games as well. It offers you reasonable money for your clips, videos and games. If your original video comes to their homepage, then they will pay you up to $400, otherwise you can license it to them for $200, also with each subsequent video of yours that ends up on their homepage, they will pay you up to the sum of $2000. If your original clips have added to their gallery then you can sell it to them for $25. Strictly you should follow their rules and regulations, other than that you must have PayPal account to get their payment. If your videos or clips end up on one of their feature page, then you can earn smaller amount. Thus you can earn after uploading videos, photos and games in

Zoom and go:

Zoom and go is basically a website which deals with the videos and photos which says about travel experiences. Your videos, pictures and reviews should help to a traveler. This also includes events happening that would help to the traveler to take decision about whether they can visit or not that particular spot. You can get money for the redeemable points for videos, photos and any reviews about hotels or tourist spots that are accepted by the site.
 You can get $1 for your hundred points. So you have to come with tons of data. If you upload a video and photo, then you can get 30 points and 10 points respectively. A Review worth only 2 points, But If any hotel is added to the site because of your review then you can get 20 points for every night a hotel room is booked. This needs lots of work to do but worth to earn money from it.
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